"Your Kill" Movie Screening

When two paid assassins converge on the same target, the battle for The Kill will be deadlier than their divorce.

Sunny Smart Supplements was honored to sponsor the premiere party for “Your Kill”, a new action film made in South Florida. Attendees of the screening were gifted swag bags with some of our favorite CBD products. 

The Swag Bag

From left: CBD Fizzy Dust, Hand Sanitizer, CBD Bath Soak

CBD Fizzy Dust

Soaking in this nutrient-rich water will moisturize your skin and has soothing properties for many skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Hand Sanitizer

We are proud to offer our fast-acting Hand Sanitizer Gel with a 1:1 CBG (Cannabigerol) ratio, including Vitamin E and moisturizers.

CBD Bath Scrub

Relax with our cleansing scrub. Research shows CBD bath products have amazing benefits for your mind, skin, joints, and muscles.