Find Your Mana

In Hawaii, "mana" is the spiritual life force or healing power that flows through the universe.

Florida artist, Leslie Gibbs, combines the rich history of Hawaii with her oldest son’s years of living and teaching on the island of O’ahu to create unique t-shirt designs that showcase the spirit of mana.

Leslie’s designs reflect both the warrior spirit that defines Hawaiian culture as well as her son’s love for surfing at legendary locations such as Diamond Head, Ehukai Beach, and Backyards.

Her son was able to find his “mana” during his time on the island, and both he and his mother, Leslie, want to inspire others to find their own “mana”.

Leslie Gibbs Studios™ supports military veterans and their families. A portion of every t-shirt purchase will be donated to approved partner organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project and The Fisher House Foundation.

The Design: A Hawaiian Ali'i Wearing a Mahiole

For the main design, Leslie chose a Hawaiian Ali’i (nobility), wearing a mahiole (helmet symbolizing the highest rank within the Ali’i) and feather cloak. He takes his final rest on the shore against his papa he’e nalu (board for sliding waves) used for he‘e nalu (wave sliding), the precursors to modern surfboards and surfing.

His hand rests on a leiomano, a shark-toothed club used by various Polynesian cultures for both protection and a showcase of master craftsmanship.

The front of the shirt is adorned with a larger image of the mahiole resting above the word “MANA” and comes in a variety of colors inspired by the Hawaiian sea and sky. Each shirt is made with 100% cotton.

My mana is my DNA that keeps me grounded and hungry. Find your "mana" and let it lead you. Inspire you... to be a little better today than you were yesterday.

About the Artist: Leslie Gibbs

Leslie Gibbs is an internationally-known figure painter and the author of many art glass books.

Leslie is originally from Edmonton, Canada and currently resides in Daytona Beach, Florida.

She took an interest in art glass after moving to the United States from Spain in 1975. She is regularly featured in Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine and the author of several glass-pattern books including Tropical Waters, Tropical Gardens, and Animal Kingom.

Sunny Smart Supplements is no longer selling the Find Your Mana t-shirts, but if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt or any of Leslie’s designs, you can reach her via her Facebook page or by emailing gi********@ao*.com.